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Toronto Swedish Folkdancers and Singers

Toronto Swedish Folkdancers and Singers

Our Mission Statement

The organization provides an opportunity for native-born Swedes, for persons of Swedish ancestry, and for others interested in knowing more about Swedish culture, to learn song and dance repertoire that is primarily Swedish in origin or by adoption.  Our mission is to broaden the members’ awareness and appreciation of the existing variety of choral and dance music and to strive to improve performing skills with a view to sharing this rich heritage with the Scandinavian community and the community at large through performances and concerts.

About  Us

The dance group was founded in 1982 by Ian and Margaretha Ferguson with performances at the SWEA Julmarknad.  In 1990, the choir was born when Lloyd Thompson led a singing performance at a National Day celebration.   Throughout many years, both the TSFS dancers and choir have continued to evolve and grow under other leadership. 

Since our inception, the TSFS has celebrated traditions and performed in Canada and abroad.  We have participated numerous folk festivals, presented our own concerts, performed at corporate events, collaborated with other musicians and dance groups, and participated in services and events for the Swedish Church in Toronto.

TSFS continues to value the support from and collaboration with SWEA Toronto and the Swedish Church in Toronto.  It has been a fun tradition to be part of the annual SWEA Christmas Fair and special services and celebrations at the Swedish Church (such as midsummer and National Day).

Newcomers to the group are always welcome.  No experience necessary!  For information or questions about joining TSFS, please email us.

Video links: 

Christmas Concert, 2019

SWEA Toronto Christmas Fair , 2019:

Toronto Christmas Market,  2018